OAK Ridge’s Titan Supercomputer to house 14,500 NVIDIA Tesla K20 (GK110) GPUs

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) which is currently building the world's most fastest Supercomputer known as the Titan have recieved their first batch of Tesla K20 GPUs from NVIDIA which are powered by the Kepler GK110 core.

ORNL has currently received only 32 Kepler units, in total the Titan supercomputer would house 14,592 Tesla K20 units to achieve the title of the faster supercomputer in the world with a peak computing performance of 20 Petaflops. There would be in total 18,688 nodes featuring the latest 16-Core AMD Opteron CPUs and the mentioned K20 units. Each node would have 32GB of memory which would be supplied to 2GB per CPU core.

"We have received 32 Keplers and put them in our development platform. Everything is going as (or better than) expected."

ORNL officials have further said that they would receive an additional 1000 Tesla K20 units within this week. The Titan Supercomputer would be available to end users by March 2013.

"Our DOE target date for the Keplers being available to our users is March 2013," Nichols said. "We will change the name (from Jaguar to Titan) once we have gotten through acceptance (most likely sometime between December 2012 and March, 2013)."

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