NVIDIA Tegra 5 “Logan” SOC To Feature Kepler GPU Architecture, Tegra 6 Gets Maxwell


NVIDIA Tegra 5

At this year's CES conference, NVIDIA unveiled their latest mobile SOC Tegra 4 equipped with a Quad Core Cortex-A15 CPU and 72 GeForce class GPU cores. The chip has not been released to public yet and we have already got the first details on NVIDIA's next-generation Tegra chip thanks to Sweclockers.

NVIDIA Tegra 5 SOC To Get Kepler GPU Architecture

According to the Sweclockers, the NVIDIA Tegra 5 SOC which would be codenamed "Logan" would feature NVIDIA's latest Kepler GPU architecture. The addition of Kepler architecture on NVIDIA Tegra 5 would drop the need of separate pixel and vertex shaders and instead feature a unified architecture. This is the similar to what NVIDIA did with their GeForce 600 series lineup at launch by dropping the hot-clocks leaving only the GPU and memory clocks intact, this also resulted in 3 times the higher core count in Kepler generation of GPUs compared to Fermi.

In return, the NVIDIA Tegra 5 chip featuring the Kepler architecture would become much more efficient by churning out better performance consuming much lower power. Compared to Tegra 4 "Wayne" which comes with 72 cores (48 pixel and 24 vertex shaders), the NVIDIA Tegra 5 SOC if comes with even one or two Kepler SMX units would result in 192 - 384 GPU cores. This would definitely be a drastic improvement over Tegra 4. The source also mentions that the move to Kepler architecture by NVIDIA is due to limited memory bandwidth available to the GPU on the current Tegra chips. Kepler did improve NVIDIA on the memory front boasting chips rated at 6 GB/s, so we would be looking at something similar from the mobile front in the future.

With the new NVIDIA Tegra 5 chip we would also be looking at new models of NVIDIA's android based Project Shield based on the latest Kepler GPU architecture.

While NVIDIA Tegra 5 "Logan" would be aiming for launch in 2014, the successor to it codenamed Tegra 6 "Strong" is also planned for launch in 2015. The Tegra 6 "Strong" chip would feature NVIDIA's Maxwell GPU architecture which would debut with GeForce GPUs in 2014. On the desktop front, NVIDIA has a refresh for its Kepler lineup reportedly planned for launch in Q4 2013.