NVIDIA Shuts Down All GPU Operations & Main Office In Russia

Hassan Mujtaba
NVIDIA Shuts Down All GPU Operations & Main Office In Russia 1

In a report by RT (via Forbes), it is reported that NVIDIA has shut down all GPU operations within Russia due to the ongoing war with Ukraine.

NVIDIA Quits Russia Once & For All, Main Office & GPU Operations Shut Down

According to the report, NVIDIA will be shutting down all official business which mainly includes GPUs along with their Russian office by the end of this year. The company had passed on the info to over 200 employees who were still at NVIDIA's Russian office situated in Moscow, Russia. While NVIDIA had already banned the sales of its GPUs to Russia and halted exports to the country after being directed by the US government, the GPU maker still had several employees working at the main Russian office.

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The decision to shut down the office, which employed some 300 people in Russia before the conflict between Moscow and Kiev broke out in late February, was made due to the “inability to ensure effective work from its employees.”

While the ranks have dwindled since then, the company still employs some 240 people in Russia, the Nvidia representative told the magazine, adding that the decision was announced to employees on September 30.

Nvidia is now “actively taking out on charter planes those who agree to relocate to offices in other countries,” according to the source. The relocation scheme, however, has not been officially confirmed.

RT via Forbes

There were around 300 people working at NVIDIA's Russian office prior to the war breaking out but since then, several employees had left the company due to the inability to ensure effective work from its employees. Despite the war, there were still 240 employees working at the site but they have now been told that the office is shutting down its doors once and for all. All employees will be given the opportunity to relocate to offices in other countries through charter planes however it's not confirmed yet.

Intel reportedly faced a similar crisis with its own employees in Russia who were heading the team behind the drivers for the Arc GPUs. In a report by Semiaccurate, it is said that one of the main reasons why Intel's drivers were in the state that they were at launch was due to Ukraine & Russian conflict which meant that Intel had trouble communicating with their team in Russia & as such, the driver was delayed by several months.

This more or less marks the end of NVIDIA in Russia and it is likely that other companies such as Intel and AMD, will also take similar actions if they have offices or workspaces operating within the country.

News Source: Reuters

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