NVIDIA RTX 3090 Founders Edition Board Passes RRA Certification

Usman Pirzada

An upcoming NVIDIA Ampere GPU with board number PG133A has just passed RRA certification (Kopite via Videocardz). Since PG132 is the board number that AIBs will use, this is likely the Founders Edition card that NVIDIA will ship themselves. Since it has just passed RRA certification, it is also likely that this card will be available shortly. We have previously seen the wacky new design from NVIDIA for the RTX 3080 and we believe this is it.

NVIDIA RTX 3090 FE GPU board passes RRA certification

Korea's RRA certification is required for every IC that is going to be made available to the public and usually one of the most prominent indicators of an imminent release (although it can show up anywhere from a month to 6 months before release). This particular PG number is in line with the part numbers that we know belong to the NVIDIA Ampere lineup.

The star of NVIDIA's lineup is the GA102 part with board number PG132 (in SKU 10, 20 and 30 variants) and according to kopite, this board number has been made exclusively for AIBs. The PG133 board number is for NVIDIA's own, inhouse founders edition. This means that you are looking at either the RTX 3090 Founders Edition or the RTX 3080 Founders Edition (or whatever NVIDIA decides to call the cards).

We have already revealed the identities of multiple PG branded boards and according to the nomenclature, the PG136 board would likely be the RTX 3080/3070 FE.

NVIDIA Ampere GPUs Partial Specs And Launch Dates

Board ID Replacement ClassvRAMBus WidthLaunch Schedule
PG132-102080 Ti 24 GB384 bit2H Sept.
PG132-202080 Super20 GB320 bit1H Oct.
PG132-302080 Super10 GB320 bitMid. Sept.
PG142-02070 Super16 GBTBDTBD
PG142-102070 Super8 GB256 bit2H Sept.
PG190-102060 Super8 GB 256 bitTBD
* = not confirmed

NVIDIA's Jensen also reiterated support for RTX in upcoming Ampere GPUs:

We are -- we're still in the ramping of the RTX generation. Turing, Turing the current generation that we're in, is the world's first ray tracing GPU.

And it fuses -- the RTX technology fuses three fundamental technologies: the programmable shader that we introduced a long time ago that revolutionized computer graphics, and we added two new technologies. One technology is a ray tracing acceleration core that makes the tracing of rays and looking for intersections between the ray and the scene -- objects in scene super, super fast. And that's -- it's a complicated problem. It's a super complicated problem.

We want it to be running concurrently to shading so that the ray traversal and the shading of the pixels could be done independently and concurrently. The second thing is we invented this technology to bring AI, artificial intelligence, using this new type of algorithm called deep learning to computer graphics. And one example of its capability is the algorithm we introduced called DLSS, Deep Learning Super Sampling, which allows us to essentially synthesize by learning from previous examples, essentially learning from previous examples of images and remembering it, remembering what beautiful images look like so that when you take a low-resolution image, and you run it through the deep neural network, it synthesizes a high-resolution image that's really, really beautiful. And people have commented that it's even more beautiful than native rendered images at the native resolution.

And the benefit is not only is it beautiful, it's also super fast. We essentially nearly doubled the performance of RTX as a result of doing that. So, you can have the benefit of ray tracing as well as very high resolution and very high speed. And so that's called RTX.

And Turing is probably not even close, not even one-third of the total installed base of all of our GeForce GPUS, which is, as you know, the single-largest installed base of gaming platforms in the world. And so, we support this large installed base, and we're in the process of bringing them to the future with RTX. And now, with the new console generation coming, every single game developer on the planet is going to be doing ray tracing, and they're going to be creating much, much richer content. And because of multi-platform, cross-platform play, and because of the size of the gaming platform, PC gaming platform, it's really important that these game developers bring the latest generation content to PCs, which is great for us.


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