NVIDIA Reveals New Workstation GPUs For Desktops & Laptops, RTX A5500 A RTX 3080 Ti In Diguise

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NVIDIA is extending the scope of expert graphics cards from the RTX-A series for GTC 2022 with the RTX A5500 and several new graphics cards. For workstations it is put marginally under the premium RTX A6000, in the laptop as RTX A5500 integrated GPU it is itself the new leading model. Commonly, there is little likeness between the two.

NVIDIA RTX A5500 for workstations, using NVIDIA GeForce 3080 Ti technology to guide its ray tracing and more along with added support

The graphics cards of the RTX-A series, previously called Quadro, are utilized for 3D graphics rendering (with ray tracing), video altering, AI computations, and other workflows. They utilize extraordinary drivers and offer additional aid to users.

The NVIDIA RTX A5500 for workstations with a dual-slot cooling architecture involves a similar GA102 setup as the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti engineering samples and hence offers five percent fewer execution units than the past top model RTX A6000 with a full GA102 configuration. With 24 GB GDDR6 including ECC error correction, the graphics card offers half as much memory as the premium offering, memory interfacing and clock remain untouched. Two RTX A5500 can be interconnected by means of the company's proprietary NVLink.

The grouping makes sense of why NVIDIA is sending off a marginally more modest adaptation 18 months after the RTX A6000 and toward the finish of Ampere's term, basically with the strained delivery system. It is said NVIDIA couldn't convey an adequate number of graphics cards with GA102 full development and 48 GB GDDR6X and attempts to fulfill a portion of the closely involved SKUS with the option put beneath.

The new RTX A5500 graphics card is also available for mobile workstations as the RTX A5500 laptop GPU which corresponds to the configurations of the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti.

RTX A6000RTX A5500RTX 3090RTX 3080 Ti 
processSamsung 8 nm custom process
Chip size628.4mm²
Transistors28.3 billion
FP32 ALUs per SM128
FP32 ALUs10,75210,24010,49610,240
RT cores84 2nd gen80 2nd Gen82 2nd Gen80 2nd Gen
RT cores + ALUs in syncYes
Tensor cores336 3rd Gen320 3rd. gene328 3rd Gen320 3rd Gen
FP32 performance38.7 TFLOPS?35.7 TFLOPS34.1 TFLOPS
FP16 performance38.7 TFLOPS?35.7 TFLOPS34.1 TFLOPS
Texture units336320328320
Memory speed16.0 Gbps16.0 Gbps19.5 Gbps19.0 Gbps
Memory interface384 bits
Memory bandwidth768 GB/s936 GB/s912 GB/s
L2 cache6 MB
TDP300 W--350 W350 W
Slot connectionPCIe 4.0 x16
*Estimated market price

As between the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti notebook GPU, the distinction between the RTX A5500 and the RTX A5500 notebook GPU is additionally hefty. Of the 10,240 GA102-based shaders, there are as yet 7,424 GA103-based shaders left in the notebook. Along with the lower clock, the FP32's handling power drops by close to a third from 34.1 to 24.7 TFLOPS. The GDDR6 memory is 16 GB and, similar to all portable RTX-A models, doesn't uphold ECC standards.

The NVIDIA RTX A6000 is likewise accessible as an A40 without connections for display and with a passive cooler for assistance in the server. Such a variation is not anticipated for the RTX A5500. The new variations are also anticipated to see a discount by means of partners throughout the second quarter. As with the introduction of the more established models 18 months prior, NVIDIA didn't name a specific launch date.

Source: ComputerBase

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