Nvidia Preparing its Dual-GF-110 based Monster GPU.

Hassan Mujtaba

Monster in Gaming Performance, That's what Nvidia wants from its upcoming GF-110 based Dual Chip GPU. Nvidia has taken the lead in Single GPU performance with its GF-110 based GTX 580 and now Nvidia is also aiming for the Top Dual Chip based GPU. The card's prototype has been pictured and the Asian Media is referring to it as the Geforce "GTX 595".

As you can see the prototype still misses some stuff on it but still most of it can be seen. Its a single PCB card unlike the 9800GX2 or the GTX 295 as both of the GPU core's are placed aside each other on one single PCB. The slots will include three DVI output connectors which makes it 3D Vision Surround ready through a single card.

Also, The new card would feature 3GB of video memory (or 1.5 GB per GPU system). Each GPU system has six memory chips on the obverse side of the PCB. The card will be powered through two 8 pin pci-e connectors which indicates a massive power draw by the core and it will be 2 Way SLI meaning it will allow for Quad Way SLI with another GPU of its kind.

Also i was going through my older posts and i found the PCB to be the same as this one, Keep in mind that its not the same GPU but a Galaxy's prototype of what was meant to be a GTX 470 x2 card.. :p


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