NVIDIA Kepler GK104 Gaming Performance Figures Exposed, Faster than GTX580 and HD7900 Series


Gaming performance results of Nvidia's upcoming Kepler based GK104 chip has been exposed over at Pcinlife forums. A similar chart was posted back in November on Chiphell forums which matches the specs Bright side of News detailed yesterday (Detailed here).

The chart probably puts the GK104 based GTX680 GPU to test against the GeForce GTX580 (GF110) and recently released HD7900 Series Graphic Cards. The only thing that differs from the previously released specs are the clock frequencies which are set at 1050Mhz on Core and 1425Mhz on Memory while the GK100/110 which would release later would be set at 950Mhz Core and 5Ghz Memory (effective).

The results can be seen below:

The performance results look promising (if true) for a Performance Tier card which is expected to release around Q2 2012 (Late March or early in April). Known Specs on the GK104 can be found in the links below:

NVIDIA Kepler GK104 GeForce GTX680 Architecture Pictured – Specifications Detailed