Nvidia GF104 Graphics Processor Pictured.

Hassan Mujtaba

A Chinese source has revealed the first picture of Nvidia's upcoming GF104 graphics processor which they received as a qualification sample, While the sample itself is based on the A1 silicon. The GPU is similar to the GF100 and makes use of a Integrated Heat Spreader to dissipate heat from underneath the die of the core. One more thing is that the new chip is rectangular instead of being a square which is a step forward to make more compact boards. The chip is built on a 40nm process and will have lower TDP then the GF 100 based chipset. The first GPU to hold the GF104 chip is the GTX 460.

Reports also say that the GTX 460 will have 336 Cuda cores (instead of 256 Cuda cores) as revealed earlier and a 768Mb GDDR5 memory across a 192-bit memory bandwidth. The TDP of the new GPU will be around 150, which is the same as a GTS 250 while the price will be set at a bit higher than 200$.


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