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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660Ti NDA Lifts on 16th August – Two Additional Mid-Range GPUs to Launch in Q3


Sources deep within NVIDIA seem to have leaked the launch date of NVIDIA's upcoming mid-range product "GTX 660Ti". According to them, NVIDIA plans to launch the GTX 660Ti GPU on 16th August, this is the date when NDA lifts at 18:00.

Additionally, NVIDIA's list for Q3 has two more GPUs planned for launch. Alleged to be the GTS 650Ti and GTX 660 (Non-Ti) which are both rumored to be based on the GK106 core which no one has heard about yet.

If there is such a GK106 which exists, then looking at the previously leaked specifications we can presume that the 650Ti would come with 960 Cores while 1152 Cores on the 660 non-Ti which we were hearing from the past few months.

Newer developments also suggest that NVIDIA might be sticking with the 2GB Vram on the GTX 660Ti though along a 192-bit memory interface. I think 1.5GB is more likely but well we got to wait to see that, price would remain the same nevertheless set at $299 and more for custom variants while the non-ti would go for around $229 US.

A single PCI-e connector would power the card while custom boards may offer an additional 6 pin connector for overclocking. The 650Ti would be priced $40-60 higher than the GTS 650 (Non-ti) which is a GK107 product.

All these cards launch in Q3, the only confirmed that remains for 660Ti which is August 16th so hold your horses till then. Performance numbers suggest the card would be the equivalent of a HD 7950, let's hope that remains true so we can see another price drop from AMD's side.