NVIDIA GeForce GTS 650 (GK107) Performance Estimated


NVIDIA's Upcoming GeForce GTS 650 performance numbers have been revealed along with key details and specifications of the new mid-range product.

The GTS 650 would be NVIDIA's latest entry in the mid-range market and would be price around $120-$140 mark. GTS 650 would be featuring the GK107 core which has also been used on the GT 640 GPU however a GK106 part would be launched later on as the GTS 650TI during August.

Earlier we had talks about a GT 640 with GDDR5 memory, It was actually this GTS 650 which features 384 Cores and Vram of 1-2GB alongside a 128-bit interface. Core clock is believed to be running at 1GHz or above and can easily be overclocked to 1250MHz, memory clock is maintained at 4800MHz GDDR5.

Due to confidential reasons, the site was unable to reveal what games were used for testing but the results can be seen below:

The performance now matches the GTS 450 and GTX 550Ti. The card comes with an additional 6-Pin connector which adds additional room for overclocking and suggests the card consumes more power due to enhanced performance. Expect the launch of mid-range cards such as GTX 660Ti, GTX 650Ti and this in August.