NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (Non-Ti) Spotted – Features 1.5GB Memory

NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce GTX 660 Non-Ti has once again been spotted and confirmed to exists by ACER's Predator G-Series Box Manual.

Rumors of a GTX 660 (non-Ti) to exist were debunked by various sites however PC's from ACER would actually be using this particular variant of the card.

The box says that the GeForce GTX 660 would feature a 1.5GB memory and that's it. Last week, we reported the card would feature 1.5GB memory along a 192-bit bus. The core is GK106 with either 1152-960 Cores (GK104) with core clock of 980MHz. An 1152 core count sounds more realistic since the GTX 650Ti already features 960 cores.

The GTX 660Ti launches around August 14-16th so we can expect the non-Ti model to show itself around the same time. Pricing of the Ti would range around $299-$329 while the non-Ti would be set at $259. Expect more details in a few days.

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