Nothing Phone (1) Looks Different Because Company Founder Carl Pei Thinks Every Smartphone out There Is Boring

Nothing Phone (1) Looks Different Because Company Founder Carl Pei Thinks Every Smartphone out There Is Boring

Carl Pei left OnePlus to start his own company, called Nothing, and in doing so, introduced the firm’s first smartphone, the Phone (1). Even from a distance, the Phone (1) looks different from the competition, and its design inspiration likely stemmed from the fact that Nothing’s CEO believes that current smartphones from all companies are boring.

Pei Believes the Smartphone Market Is Stagnated and Consumers Are Indifferent Towards Products

Talking to Engadget, Pei says that he has been watching phone launches since the inception of the first iPhone and believes that now, that wow factor is lacking. Nothing’s CEO has admitted that he has missed big keynotes simply because smartphones have become boring. On top of that, Pei says that consumers have become indifferent to these products.

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“When I talk to consumers, they are also quite indifferent. When doing focus groups, some consumers said they believe smartphone brands are holding features back intentionally just so they have something to launch for the next iteration, which is not the truth. But if consumers feel that way, it's a sign that they're kind of bored.”

With LG and HTC leaving the smartphone market entirely or becoming irrelevant, the industry is dominated by the likes of Apple, Samsung, and Google, so there is little room to diversify. That is probably where Carl Pei obtained inspiration from and introduced the Phone (1), as he states that his company is trying to make consumers more optimistic about such products.

“I think one thing we’re trying to accomplish is to bring people back in time to when they felt more optimistic about gadgets. Maybe we can turn down the brain a little bit and turn up the intuition.”

The Phone (1) looks nothing like its rivals and employs the use of transparent glass that exposes some of its components. Furthermore, the device introduces a glyph interface, which uses 900 LEDs arranged across the back of the smartphone to create a ‘never before seen’ notification system. Unfortunately, these are not the only ingredients required to succeed as a phone company, with Carl Pei believing that multiple factors are involved.

“The reason why this industry is very hard is because it requires end-to-end capability. If you're going to create a smartphone company, every single team has to be at least seven out of 10. And some of them have to be even better if your product is going to stand out in some way. Your supply chain team has to be great. Your mechanical engineering, your software, engineering, your industrial design, your sales, your marketing, your customer support.”

The Phone (1) is not a flagship by any means, as an earlier Geekbench benchmark leak revealed that Nothing’s first handset is powered by a mid-range Snapdragon 778G, along with 8GB RAM. Fortunately, a hands-on video displays its uniqueness, but whether or not this strategy will take the company far, only time will tell.

“One is the path we currently are taking. We try and create the maximum interest for a product at launch. That sets really high expectations for the product to deliver. And if it does, things go really well. If it doesn’t, maybe it fizzles out. We need to gradually build to a position of strength. Then when you’re strong, you can go and do something really, really innovative, because you’ll have a business that’s stable enough to take a lot of shots.”

Carl Pei states that the Phone (1) is not a revolutionary product, but its design alone could be stuck in consumers’ heads for at least a little while. In the future, Nothing may come out with more exciting designs like it has with the Phone (1), and hopefully, we will see a flagship from them next year.

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