Nokia C7 caught on camera.


Nokia, perhaps one of the first and oldest companies to enter the cell phone industry is still standing high and mighty over that title, they continue to make very innovative cell phones when they introduced the Symbian OS I for one was very amazed and considered it a pinnacle point for cell phones. The Symbian OS allowed one to be able to multitask on a cell phone by merely holding down the button to switch between running applications just like a computer while companies like Samsung and most Motorola phones still aren't able to give you active application switching Nokia has always been a great choice for the consumer who likes to multitask and wants more out of their phone.

Pictured above is their newest cell phone which is about to make a public appearance, it's called the Nokia C7 which so far offers a 3.5" screen, Symbian OS and typical features like 3.5mm earphone jack and a micro USB port. So far I am pretty impressed by the design of the phone and am liking the final look of the body but even though it's a Nokia I am pretty sure this thing will call with a pretty hefty price tag. Nokia phones may provide great features, functionality and looks but when it comes to price certain people like teenagers or young adults are discouraged from buying their phones because of the big price tag and instead go for a Samsung or Sony Ericsson equivalent of the phone which offers more or less features.

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Source: ZOL LABS