Nokia N9 caught on tape well video


This is Nokia's next WIP (Work in Progress) and so far it looks absolutely stunning, the prototype is simply called the C0-00, this thing is very similar to the Nokia N8 and very well made it boasts HDMI out put and I think it will also give 720p video recording too, I am in love with the new OS and how it runs much smoother now, and how Nokia finally made a good touch screen phone.

Although just looking at the phone I can easily guess this thing will have a price tag above $400 but again that is my guess it could be higher or much lower. But so far the phone has impressed me, now if only they make such an amazing phone for the more consumer friendly market i.e phones with lots of functionality at the price of $200 or less.

Nokia N9 from Negri Electronics on Vimeo.

You can look at more pics of the N9 over Here