Qualcomm Is Not Prepping a Snapdragon 836 – Partners Will Have to Rely on Snapdragon 835 for Now

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Qualcomm Is Not Prepping a Snapdragon 836

Despite rumors claiming that a Snapdragon 836 was going to be on the cards, sources familiar with the matter have reiterated that Qualcomm has absolutely no plans on introducing an upgraded SoC for the remaining smartphones and tablets of 2017.

Google’s Pixel XL 2 and Remaining Flagships Will Have to Rely on Snapdragon 835, Till Qualcomm Unveils its Snapdragon 845

Rumors circulated that Qualcomm would take a similar approach like last year to unveil a more powerful SoC based on the same lithography. Manufacturers like OnePlus, Xiaomi, Google and several others took this announcement to their advantage, releasing their own flagships that delivered slightly more punch than earlier released mobile phones.

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Now, manufacturers will not be able to use this tactic to discontinue earlier released models like they did last year, with the only option being is waiting for the Snapdragon 845. The problem is that Qualcomm is going to be announcing the Snapdragon 845 during Q1 of next year and previous rumors claim that majority of the initial shipment is going to go to Samsung and its Galaxy S9 and possibly a Galaxy S9+.

With the number of phones Samsung has been selling, Qualcomm would be a fool not to allocate that shipment to the Korean tech giant. There isn't a concrete date provided as to when Qualcomm plans on unveiling the Snapdragon 845 but we have a hunch that we'll see something interesting during the CES 2018 trade show.

As for the Snapdragon 836, well that is going to be a 'no show' and that honestly makes a lot of sense. The Galaxy Note 8 features a Snapdragon 835, while Huawei relies on its own silicon so from a business perspective, Qualcomm would be losing out on resources instead of gaining significant revenue in return.

If you were waiting on the upcoming Pixel 2 XL to get a chipset upgrade, you'll have to wait next year for a better performing SoC.

Do you think Qualcomm might be making the right choice with this move? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: XDA Developers

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