NitoTV Weather and RSS App to be the First Third Party App available on Jailbroken Apple TV 2G.


NitoTV has tweeted a screenshot over twitter which is supposed to be of the first third party app to be available on the Apple TV 2G. It is a simple weather app which allows you to choose a location from the menu and the app gives you weather details of the area you selected along with little graphical detail.

sorry it took so long!! xcode buildable/linkable sample project for ATV-2:

IMPORTANT NOTES: build as RELEASE and build the shell script target, the atvBundle target (or whatever i named it) is there just so autocomplete works, it serves no other purpose.

oh and ill do my best to have a basic nitoTV out soon with at least Weather and RSS feeds working.. other stuff will take longer.

The App can only be used after you jailbreak your Apple TV 2G. You can follow the guide here to Jailbreak your Apple TV 2G on iOS 4.1.