Nissan Made An Origami Replica To Honor Juke’s 5th Anniversary


The Nissan Juke crossover was introduced to the market about 5 years ago and to celebrate the compact crossover’s fifth anniversary, artist Owen Gildersleeve was hired by the company for the construction of an origami copy of a Juke.

Making the origami Juke crossover compact took about 200 hours to complete

Like many other productive and excellent ideas, cars also start to exist as sketches on a raw piece of paper. For a change, not only at initial stages but also the paper plays an essential part in the ultimate product. Origami is the beautiful art of making all kinds of imaginable stuff from folding up paper.

The origami masterpiece look like something you would see in a video game. According to Nissan it has used the paper folding or the old Japanese art of Origami as the ‘nod to its Japanese heritage’ which was similar to Lexus. And honestly the Lexus one proved to be made out of a more multifaceted three dimensional cardboard in which you could actually sit and drive.

Compact-crossover craze was instigated by The Juke. The Juke's wacky styling and diminutive-yet-functional proportions unveiled in 2010, proved itself to be reasonably admired by the buyers around the world. At present, practically every automaker raises a segment competitor and people look as if they are more than eager to be amazed by such stuff.

Gildersleeve and his team build a life-size replica of the company's unusual Juke crossover entirely out of origami by spending 200 hours on it which resulted in creation of origami Juke, consuming about 2,000 pieces of paper. Parts of a standard Juke were utilized as templates, but the end product was crafted completely by paper. There's no Juke hiding beneath all those folds but it still seems that there is. The basic draft was fashioned to clasp every paper panel.

“as a celebration piece it draws on so many influences, such as the origami focus inspired by nissan’s japanese roots,’ Gildersleeve says. ‘using so many individual pieces of paper to create the overall structure also represents the thousands of people who helped bring the nissan juke into reality and the thousands who continue to do so right here in the UK.”

In addition, it is strictly made of paper craft and not genuine origami, as it involves numerous pieces of paper and glue. Nissan’s Juke model is one of the most famous models in Europe which has crossed over 700,000 models since its inauguration. It has sold approximately 2000 to 4000 units every month in US as well since October 2010.