Nintendo Switch Getting Super Smash Bros Port Alongside Remaining Smash Amiibo Reporter Says


The Nintendo Switch is getting a Super Smash Bros port according to Nintendo enthusiast and reporter, Laura Kate Dale.

Yesterday, the official Super Smash Facebook account started liking the official Nintendo Switch Facebook account, and the Switch subreddit erupted with speculation on a possible Switch Smash title.

Following this social media activity, reporter Laura Kate Dale took to Twitter to claim that a Super Smash Bros port is indeed coming to the Nintendo Switch, but it won’t be there on the Switch’s launch day. “Switch getting Smash Bros port. Not launch day”, she tweeted. According Dale, Nintendo is targeting a Smash launch within the first 6 months after the Switch’s release, and the remaining Smash Amiibo’s should be releasing on the same day.

She added that’s not confirming other Nintendo Switch Wii U ports, but Cloud Amiibo and Bayonetta should be getting a Nintendo Switch port launch in 2017 as well.

While Dale’s claims remain rumors at most, she was spot on regarding the reveal of the Switch last month, its detachable controllers, and more.

The Nintendo Switch is slated for a release in March 2017, and according to Dale, it should launch on March 17th in PAL regions.