New Amiibo Figures Joker and Dragon Quest XI’s Hero To Launch October 2nd

Kai Powell

Nintendo's long awaited third party amiibo figurines for Persona 5's Joker and Dragon Quest XI's Hero have finally been confirmed for an early October release. Now, the two figurines are available for preorder and ready to become a part of your ever-growing collection of plastic minifigs.

Nintendo's Amiibo collection continues to grow with the addition of third-party Smash characters, boosting the total roster of available Amiibo figurines to over 170. With both Joker and Hero being the stars of popular JRPG entries that don't see a lot of merchandise released in the West, this could be the perfect opportunity to get two of your favorite heroes for far less than even a single Nendoroid figurine.

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Seeing Joker receive an Amiibo is particularly intriguing, as he hasn't been released in a game on Nintendo Switch in North America as of yet. Both Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal remain exclusive to PlayStation 4, and while Persona 5 Scramble did release in Japan back on February 20th, Nintendo and Atlus have both been silent on if and when this action RPG sequel would make its way to Western audiences.


Both the Joker and Hero amiibos are currently available for preorder from Best Buy with other retailers including Amazon and GameStop to open shortly. Each figurine will retail $15.99 and launch in North America on October 2nd.

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