Nintendo Reportedly Prepping a New Switch Model for Mid-2020, Production Starting Soon


Still holding out on buying a Nintendo Switch, or perhaps itching to upgrade your OG version of the system? Well, you may be in luck, as according to the Taiwanese tech news outlet DigiTimes, another new Switch revision may be coming sooner rather than later.

According to DigiTimes’ upstream supply chain contacts, a “new Switch model” is coming our way sometime in mid 2020, with production of the machine officially kicking off Q1 2020. The wording of the article is a bit vague, so it isn’t entirely clear if this will be a completely new product, ala the Nintendo Switch Lite, or just a minor hardware revision, like last year’s new Tegra-X2-equipped Switch with better battery life. Given other information floating around, I’m leaning more towards the former.

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It’s been heavily rumored for some time now that Nintendo has always had two major Switch revisions in mind – the already-released Switch Lite, and a “Pro” version that will most likely feature a larger screen and allow for higher res (possibly 4K) gaming. Last year reliable Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki reported two new models were in the works, and, tellingly, he just retweeted the new DigiTimes report, lending it a bit of extra credence.

So, what do you think about all this? Is another Nintendo Switch model on the way? Are those longstanding Switch Pro rumors going to pan out? Given both Microsoft and Sony are prepping new consoles this year, it would certainly make sense for Nintendo to join in the fun!