Nintendo Switch Lite Feels Very Solid; Controls Changes Detailed

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The Nintendo Switch Lite is releasing soon worldwide, and the first impressions are definitely positive regarding the system sturdiness, a little less so for the new controls.

Reddit user cocqi had the chance to try out the console recently, and he noted on the Nintendo Switch subreddit how the system feels very solid.

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The device feels very sturdy. It’s all one unit and there aren’t any wiggly parts, it’s very solid.

Cocqi also talked about the controls. The ABXY buttons feel different from the Joy Con's, while the D-pad feels even more precise than the one included in the Pro Controller.

The ABXY buttons are different. They feel kinda mushy or squishy. but ZL ZR LR feel the same as the old switch.

The DPAD is mushy too. It feels similar to the pro controller dpad but feels more accurate. It worked fine on Zelda and i didn’t have to use it for Mario Kart (unless i was playing wrong, please forgive me i’ve never played Mario Kart before.)

The Nintendo Switch Lite also features some changes regarding the volume button, and it seems like these changes aren't for the best.

I think the volume “buttons” are just one button with some sort of sensor, it feels very strange and different than the original Switch. But they work fine. Also volume isn’t amazing, doesn’t sound as good as the other Switch but it’s alright.

The Nintendo Switch Lite launches next month worldwide.

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