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Joy-Con Controllers of Nintendo Switch Are Compatible With Windows, Mac and Certain Android-Running Devices


Looks like there are several other hidden functions of the Nintendo Switch, but more targeted towards its Joy-Con controllers. If you have a Mac, Windows or Android-powered device at home and if you happen to be in possession of a Switch too, then the accessories would allow you to control your other devices, and here’s how.

Latest Discovery Shows That Joy-Con Controllers of the Nintendo Switch Can Be Used for Multiple Purposes

Since the Joy-Con controllers feature Bluetooth connectivity, out of Twitter has come the revelations that these accessories cannot just be used with a portable handheld gaming console, but synched with other machines as well. A French game-reporting website Nintendoactu reported on its Twitter handle that both Joy-Con controllers can be used effectively with a PC. In addition, these controllers can also be paired with an Android device as long as it features a Bluetooth chip. However, details of the tweet also stated that there was a bit of latency involved when one-half of the controller was attached to the Android device.

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If you own a MacBook, then your luck has still has not run out because Sam Williams discovered on his own Twitter handle that Joy-Con controllers seamlessly pair with the notebook, allowing you to wirelessly interact with both products. To be honest, Nintendo did not mention that such a thing would not be possible, meaning that it is the equivalent to actually being possible but think of it like the Xbox gaming controller that can connect to a Windows after tinkering around with it a bit.

If this was not enough for you, then you should definitely be informed that the Nintendo Switch can also be used to charge your MacBook Pro via a Type-C USB connection, though this will be successfully accomplished after you have purchased a third-party cable that features the Type-C USB port on both ends.

If you power down the Switch first and then connect it to the MacBook Pro, then it is the gaming console that will be receiving power from the notebook. It is definitely great to see that even after purchasing the $299 Nintendo Switch, it has a wide-range of compatibility options with different machines.