Nintendo Switch IR Functionality To Replicate Touch Screen Features On TV – Rumor

Nintendo Switch

Last week, Nintendo finally unveiled its upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch, and the unique concept behind it, which will allow players to enjoy games both at home and on the go. Sadly, there's still a lot we don't know about the console, and it seems like we may not hear more about it until next year, according to Nintendo. Still, we might have managed to learn something quite interesting today, thanks to a few rumors coming from reliable sources.

A few hours ago, Laura Kate Dale, who correctly revealed some Switch details last week, revealed earlier today that the Nintendo Switch right Joy-Con controller might be equipped with an IR sensor which might be used as a Wii Remote pointer to simulate touch screen features while playing on TV.

Having spoken to sources within Ubisoft, we believe that games which support touch functionality on the handheld will use IR functionality to replicate that ability on the TV.

We believe the handheld, when docked, will switch on two small IR lights similar to the Wii Sensor Bar at the top of the handheld screen, peeking out above the top of the dock. The IR sensor in the right Joy-Con can then be used in much the same way as a Wii Remote pointer. This is designed to be used for touch screen replication, rather than the camera turning and aiming functions Wii Remotes were often used for.

With the Nintendo NX seemingly coming with a multi-touch screen, and with all games having to be playable with the handheld in the console dock, this solution would allow developers to utilize the console's touch screen to the fullest.

Last week, some additional details on the Nintendo Switch dock and battery life have emerged online. According to sources, the dock will come with additional processing power, which will require a few seconds for the console to switch between handheld and home console modes. Battery life, as some fear, won't be great, apparently, with multiple sources stating that it won't be higher than 3 hours.

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 2017 in all regions.

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