Nintendo Switch Emulator Yuzu Boots First Commercial Games; Development Roadmap Shared

Nintendo Switch

Earlier this month, we have reported that the Nintendo Switch emulator RyujiNX is now capable of booting select commercial games. This emulator, however, isn't the only one in the works, as a second one has also become capable of booting games recently.

The yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator is now able to boot some of the Nintendo Switch most simple games such as Puyo Puyo Tetris and Cave Story +.

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The team behind yuzu has also detailed the challenges they have faced in getting these games to boot.

Because it’s a NVIDIA product, some information was able to be gleamed by sifting through the Nouveau source. Some of the more particularly difficult stopping points were Kernel Synchronization Primitives and Shader Decompilation, but there were many more smaller bumps along the way. On top of that, the rest of the emulator had to be brought up to snuff in order to get games to the point where they would boot.

In the end, this is a small first step toward proper emulation of Nintendo’s exciting console/handheld hybrid. None of the games booting are especially stable and emulation is in a very, very early state.

A small development roadmap has also been shared. The next step will be to get more games to boot furhter and to emulate the NVIDIA Maxwell GPU.

Currently, yuzu has two major development fronts that are ongoing: First, we are trying to get more games booting further, to the point that they are trying to render frames, and second, to try to emulate the Nvidia Maxwell GPU. Even for simple games such as these, Maxwell emulation has shown to be quite challenging - and we suspect that this will be our biggest focus in the coming months.

More information on yuzu can be found on the emulator's official website.

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