Nintendo Shuts Down Rumors Regarding 4K Nintendo Switch… Again


Recently, a news story has been making waves regarding the Nintendo Switch. Thanks to a recent report by Bloomberg, it's been known that 11 different game companies have had their teams in possession of a 4K development kit for the Switch. This sparked rumors regarding a 4K-capable Switch ahead of the OLED Model's upcoming release.

Regarding the supposed development kits, they were practically similar to the current Nintendo Switch but with additional memory for debugging and ports for connecting to a computer. Bloomberg speculated that a system of this caliber wouldn't be released until late 2022 at the earliest.

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Unfortunately, it seems like the wait will have to be much longer as Nintendo has once again denied the reports in a tweet made for investors. The Nintendo account on Twitter talked about how the company has no plans for a new Switch model besides the OLED variant. This makes sense considering that they don't want to steal the thunder from the OLED's upcoming release on October 8.

The upcoming Switch OLED will sport an all-new, and larger, OLED display alongside a redesigned dock with built-in LAN port. Other than that, the new model won’t feature any major hardware improvements. As such, players have been expecting some sort of announcement regarding an upgrade for quite some time.

Of course, several users have been questioning the claims made by Nintendo. Regardless of the veracity of the rumors, people still believe that a system upgrade will release at some point in 2022/2023. The reason being that the Nintendo Switch itself has begun to show its age as titles have become more demanding of resources.

Some users have also pointed out that Nintendo could be stating this to make the OLED Model's sales more appealing. However, without any sort of confirmation, the truth to the matter is entirely up to speculation from both users and Nintendo themselves. Once again, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model will be available on October 8.