Nintendo May Consider Investing In Technology If It Is Good For Customers And Compatible With Its Goals

Francesco De Meo

Nintendo's consoles, while innovative in their own right, haven't been particularly advanced for the past few generations. While it seems like this is the direction the company plans to keep in the future, there's the chance that things may change in the future, if there are the right conditions.

Speaking during a Q&A session. which has been summarized by DualShockers, following last week's financial results briefing for the previous fiscal year, Nintendo's current president Tatsumi Kimishima noted how the company's main focus is to develop content, and that is where most investments go. Kimishima noted, however, that technology is advancing quickly, and Nintendo may considering investing in this field if the technology itself is highly compatible with the company's goal and if it is good for customers.

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The Switch has been doing great on the market, with 17.79 million units sold. The company is determined in keeping the favorable momentum with a broader range of titles.

Specifically, we released Nintendo Labo in April as an offering of a new way to play, and then we are slated to release Mario Tennis Aces in June, as well as the latest entry from the popular series, Super Smash Bros. (temp.) within the year. We expect to release several hit titles from other software publishers as well. Then in September, we will begin offering the Nintendo Switch Online paid service to expand the online functionality of Nintendo Switch. Our goal is to take full advantage of the platform by continuously introducing compelling new software while further increasing sales of popular titles that are already in the market.

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