Nintendo Giving 10 Toad Rally Tickets To Celebrate Super Mario Run’s 50 Million Download


Super Mario Run was released on iOS a few days ago. Now, the numbers suggest that the game has reached 50 million downloads worldwide. With such a huge number of downloads, the company has packed a surprise for its users. If you're into Super Mario Run, you will be happy to know that Nintendo is giving away 10 Toad Rally tickets to all users. Let's see some more details on the company's download milestone and Toad Rally tickets.

Nintendo Gives Out 10 Toad Rally Tickets To Celebrate 50 Million Downloads

Super Mario Run was initially announced in September at Apple's iPhone 7 event. Nintendo's biggest title on a smartphone is somewhat of a big deal. Up until now, the game is only exclusive for iOS devices. It appears that Super Mario Run will not be available on Android due to piracy concerns. Nonetheless, now that it is available on iOS, we do hope a loophole is discovered for the game to come on Android. On iOS, the game is available on both, iPhone and iPad.

Super Mario Run is gathering in more users by the passage of time and today, the company is celebrating 50 million downloads worldwide by giving out 10 Toad Rally tickets. Toad Rally is the section of the app in which users can compete against friends and challenge people from all over the world. However, the feature requires you to have Toad Rally tickets in order to proceed. Toad Rally tickets are not something which will be awarded to you just like that. Instead, Toad Rally tickets are acquired by many means. You can either clear a world or through the bonus games in your kingdom.

Today, Nintendo is giving out 10 Toad Rally tickets. This will allow you to compete against your friends as well as anyone in the world who has access to the game. Henceforth, this will be a nice little boost if you're all out of Toad Rally tickets.

Super Mario Run 5

Even though Super Mario Run has reached 50 million downloads worldwide, it seems that the download rate is gradually decreasing. Nonetheless, the numbers are still ground breaking and will do just fine in the Toad Rally section of the game. We are definitely surprised to find 10 Toad Rally tickets in the Super Mario Run.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Super Mario Run being exclusive for iOS? How bad did you needed these 10 Toad Rally tickets? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.