Nintendo Is Making Cross-Platform Play Happen Through Talks With Software And Hardware Makers


Cross-platform play has become a rather hot subject in the past few weeks, especially with Sony's stance on the matter. In a recent shareholders meeting, Nintendo has touched upon the matter and revealed how they make cross-platform play happen.

During a Q&A session, as translated by Cheesemiester, Nintendo's now former president Tatsumi Kimishima has been asked about cross-platform play and how Nintendo is building relationships with other companies. The Japanese company isn't doing anything special, as they are making cross-platform play happen through talks with software and hardware makers.

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In regards to Fortnite which was announced at E3, there's a story going around about how accounts that have played it on PlayStation can't play it on Switch. Nintendo and Microsoft are making a combined marketing pitch with cross-play for Minecraft. How will you build relationships with other companies for multi-platform play?

Kimishima: Fortnite, PlayStation, and Minecraft all touch on other companies, so I'll withhold comment. Tanaka will answer about cross-play.

Tanaka: I'm in charge of interacting with other companies. Basically, we're realizing cross-play through talks with software and hardware makers.

Nintendo has also been asked about the paid Nintendo Switch online service. The Japanese company is planning on doing more marketing leading up to the service's launch in September, and more information will be coming soon.

The Wii and DS were always free, but the fact that the Switch is going to paid online doesn't seem like it's well-known. Without even the support of a new online multiplayer game timed for September, how will you inform people? Do you have a plan?

Takahashi: We plan on doing more marketing leading up to September. We're aiming for a service that's easy-to-use. Please just wait a little longer.

As original reporter NStyles stated, an official transcript will be coming in the near future, so we will definitely learn more about these matters soon.