Ni No Kuni II Demos Its New Strategic Battles in 25 Minutes of Revealing Footage

The original Ni No Kuni was a gorgeous game set in an enchanting Studio Ghibli-inspired world, but, beautiful presentation aside, it was a somewhat by-the-books JRPG. You explored the world, took on quests, and engaged in action-RPG battles, which borrowed heavily from Pokémon. With Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, developer Level-5 branches out a bit, adding new kingdom management and strategic elements to the game.

How exactly will these new additions work? Well, publisher Bandai Namco just released a meaty 25-minute Ni No Kuni II walkthrough video, which includes a look at the game’s quirky new RTS battles. You can check out the footage, below:

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As you can see, characters have a cutesy “chibi” look to them during strategic battles. You can command up to four units, which orbit around your main character. Different units have individual strengths and weaknesses (swords beat hammers, hammers beat spears, and spears beat swords in a classic rock-paper-scissors system) and you need to reposition your units to best tackle your opponents. It’s all very simple, but it looks like a fun departure from the usual battle system.

Speaking of which, the new footage also serves up a another look at the more familiar side of Ni No Kuni II. We see some exploration and the return of third-person combat, although this time around the Pokémon-like “Familiars” have been banished. For better or worse, this is a more straight-up action-based system. The video ends with a nice look at a battle with an intimidating wyvern boss. Needless to say, this is still a very nice-looking game.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom was supposed to come out this month, but was recently delayed until March 23 in order to ensure the game provided a proper “fun and cohesive package.” The game will be released on PC and PS4.

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