One Nexus 5X User Sent His Phone for Repair – It Came Back with 4GB RAM Instead of 2GB


When Google announced the Nexus 5X in 2015, it featured 2GB of RAM and was meant to be a mid-ranger for consumers who did not want to spend too much money on a smartphone and still get the stock Android user experience. 2GB RAM running on Android devices these days will bring some serious performance limitations but one user successfully managed to upgrade the RAM count on his Nexus 5X without shifting to a new smartphone.

After Being Denied Warranty for the Nexus 5X, the Owner Sent It Overseas, Where It Got Upgraded to 4GB RAM

An XDA forum member going by the name Cathair2906 says that his Nexus 5X started giving him trouble in the form of a bootloop issue and unfortunately for him, the device was just outside the warranty period. Still, he decided to try out his luck in claiming a re-working phone, so he sent the device off to China. If you tamper with the hardware of the smartphone, it can result in bugs, crashes, and several other issues, but surprisingly when the phone came back and upgraded with 4GB RAM, it was working very well, as stated in his experience below.

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“My Nexus 5x was bought last year from Hong Kong and got a bootloop issue just after the warranty so far, I know google has known this issue and there is a recall in U.S., Korean LG has offered an unlimited warranty to this bootloop issue. However, LG customer center from Hong Kong has rejected any maintenance of the CPU if outside its warranty

Thereafter, i decided to send my 5x to China for CPU fixing, as the RAM is packed with the CPU together, the guy suggested me upgrading it to 3 or 4 GB RAM. That's how the 4GB RAM 5X comes out.

I've tested the OTA works fine from 6.0.1 to 7.1.1, all functions work fine too.”

This could very well be an isolated incident that the XDA forum member might have been one lucky guy when the internal specs were upgraded.

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