‘Next Generation’ Google Assistant to Debut on Pixel 4 Later This Year

Google Assistant Is Not Only Smart, it Is Nearly Everywhere; 500 Million Devices Are Running the Program

The Google Assistant was unveiled a few years ago at Google I/O. The virtual assistant has since then moved on from being a Pixel exclusive to one of the most powerful of its kind. The Assistant is now on over one billion devices, available in over 30 languages across 80 countries, and works with over 30,000 unique connected devices for the home from more than 3,500 brands globally. This year, Google I/O 2019 the company just revealed what they call the “next generation Assistant,” Google is bringing all of the processing to your phone, and making everything 10x faster.

Building upon advancements in recurrent neural networks, we developed completely new speech recognition and language understanding models, bringing 100GB of models in the cloud down to less than half a gigabyte. With these new models, the AI that powers the Assistant can now run locally on your phone. This breakthrough enabled us to create a next generation Assistant that processes speech on-device at nearly zero latency, with transcription that happens in real-time, even when you have no network connection.

According to Google, the Google Assistant needs as much as 100GB of data to understand and process your requests, but the company’s work in the background lately has managed to bring that model down to just 0.5GB. That means the entire data model can be stored on your smartphone which enables some crazy functionality. With the “next generation Assistant” can process requests in real-time and answer your questions up to 10 times faster than it currently can and even work without a network connection.

Google says this functionality will debut on the “next Pixel phones” later this year. Like all Pixel-exclusives, it'll eventually make its way to other devices in the following year or so.

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