Next-Gen Xbox Development Kit is Codenamed ‘ Anaconda ’, Windows Central’s Jez Corden Says


The development kit of the next-gen Xbox is reportedly codenamed ‘ Anaconda ’, if Windows Central senior editor Jez Corden is to be believed.

Corden recently took to Twitter to share this interesting tidbit. “The next-gen Xbox/dev kit is codenamed "Anaconda," in-keeping with the reptile theme”, he wrote. Please note that this codename only refers to the name of the console’s development kit, and not the console’s actual name. The dev kit for Microsoft’s Xbox One X (Xbox Scorpio) was codenamed Chuckwalla, while the codename for the Xbox One was ‘Durango’.

Microsoft: Our Next-gen Console is Actually Simply Named Xbox, Starting With the Xbox Series X

The dev kit for the Xbox Scorpio project was codenamed 'Chuckwalla'

While many have reported that ‘Xbox Scarlet’ will be Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox console, several reports suggest that ‘Scarlet’ is in fact the name Microsoft’s next-gen project that includes a family of devices broken into several tiers.

Is it rumored that at least one of the console’s in the Xbox Scarlet project will make use of Zen 2 and AMD next-gen GPU technology. A recent career listing suggests that Microsoft will be using GDDR6 graphics memory.

As the codename of the next-gen Xbox development kit hasn’t been officially confirmed, please take the information above with a pinch of salt.

As always, we will keep you updated as soon as we learn more about Microsoft’s next-generation gaming project.