NewsOfTheWorld Enables iOS 9 Apple News App In All Regions


A newly released jailbreak tweak, which goes by the name NewsOfTheWorld, enables the iOS 9 Apple News app in all regions.


iOS 9 comes with a brand new Apple News app which is a great hub to catch up on the latest and greatest news from major publications around the globe. While the app is a great source of information, it's a pity that Apple has made News available only in the United States currently, a restriction which can be taken down if you follow a few simple steps. But if you happen to have a jailbroken iOS device at hand, then you can enable Apple News in any region you want, using a simple jailbreak tweak, which goes by the name of NewsOfTheWorld, developed by renowned developer Hamza Sood.

Enabling Apple News In An Unsupported Country Has Never Been This Easy

The tweak is as simple as a tweak can be; simply install it from the BigBoss repo in Cydia and you're good to go. Given that this is the first ever release of the tweak, there are some issues, however. For instance, the developer states that you have to restart your iOS device 'twice' after installing the tweak to get the Apple News app on the home screen. If you're absolutely fine with that, then we recommend that you go ahead and install the tweak right away.

The tweak comes with an absolutely wonderful price tag of free, and is available to download directly from the BigBoss repo in Cydia, as we mentioned above.

If you always wanted to give Apple News a shot on your iOS 9 toting device without going through the trouble of manually changing regions, and also happen to have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch at hand, then NewsOfTheWorld is the tweak to have onboard.

Also keep in mind that there are no options to configure once your'e done with the installation process of the tweak. If, for some reason, you feel that NewsOfTheWorld is not your cup of tea, then you can simply uninstall it altogether from the Cydia jailbreak store itself. But we're certain that our readers would want to keep it on their home screen, after all, Wccftech is also on Apple News, so don't forget to add us up there for all the latest news from around the Web!

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