Newly Released PlayStation 5 Patent Points To Stat Tracking, UI, Etc.

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With Sony keeping much of the PlayStation 5's innerworkings under wraps until their official reveal event, occasionally new info gets released from unlikely sources. According to TheGamePost, a recently published patent for the PS5 hints to some interesting innovations on pre-established features on older PlayStation consoles.

Among the design patents filed today are a quick look at the PlayStation 5 UI which at first glance isn't too far off from the current one in use on the PlayStation 4. Folders themselves appear to be dropdown menus that expand into the list of services or games without needing to go into a second menu window. The inclusion of both Cable TV and Over-the-air TV channels is a strange addition, given that Sony discontinued the PlayStation Vue service in January of this year. One NeoGAF user was able to connect an antenna to their PlayStation 4 via an HDHomeRun box, so perhaps this isn't such a far fetched idea to try out.

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Also among the patent filings are documentations for Sony's suspend and resume functionality for the PlayStation 5 expanded on in depth. Another line, quoted below, discusses the methodology of machine learning to help establish the use of in-game hints, such as brief tutorials on unlocking a particular trophy or completing a level.

The game logic within the game execution engine may engage machine learning logic to evaluate the prior game play of the user to determine the user's game behavior. Based on the evaluation, it may be determined that the user has been repeatedly attempting to overcome a challenge within a particular portion of the game and has been unsuccessful or has not achieved a completion metric specified for the particular portion every time. Based on such machine learning, the game execution engine may identify hints for the current game play. The hints may be provided from the game inputs specified in the game logic of the game to help the user to improve his/her game play of the particular portion of the game. In one embodiment, the game execution engine may use the information obtained about the prior game play from the machine learning logic and use collaborative filtering to identify game plays of one or more other users that played the game and successfully completed or achieved completion metric or sequence of events, actions, levels, moves or combinations thereof, for the portion of the game that the current user is unsuccessfully attempting. The game execution engine 310.2 may then select game play of a particular one of the other users and extract a video clip for the portion of the game and present the extracted video clip to the user to visually show the user how the other user/player was able to successfully provide completion metrics for the portion of the game.

As with every patent, there's a lot of technical information that may prove to be too granular for casual users to be interested in. If you're interested in reading the 35 page patent that Sony published solely on the personalized UI coming to the PlayStation 5, it can be found here directly from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Below are a small number of images pulled from the patent filing that give a bit more insight into what players might see when booting up the PlayStation 5 for the first time.


Whether some of these features such as the in-game stat tracking and hint guides will make it into the final console design is still unknown, but Sony has already confirmed that we'll get the next in-depth look at the PlayStation 5 on June 11th at 4PM EDT.

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