Newegg’s Black November sale is on! Everything from Monitors to CPUs

Evan Federowicz

Newegg's Black November sale is on, what this means for you is discounted prices on all your amazing PC hardware a 9900K is only $489.99 on Newegg when the same processor is listed as $613.75 on Amazon, that is roughly a 20% discount on one of the best gaming processors made (according to single thread speed).

Newegg's Black November Sale is on, and has some amazing deals!

This sale (at least as far as I can tell) refreshed the items every week, so If you miss your chance at getting some of these items they may not go on sale again until Newegg's holiday sale in December. Some of the sale items are:

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  1. Intel Core i9-9900K -
    One of (If not) the best gaming CPU that money can buy, It's single-core 5GHz puts it as one of the most desired gaming CPUs on the market.
  2. Samsung CJG5 -
    A very solid monitor that has a resolution of 1440P 144Hz and is curved to a degree 1800R, which means for the low price of $279.99, which is only $20.00 dollars off of the original price. This monitor has 2K resolution (1440p) which makes the image crisp and smooth at any distance from the monitor and the 32" size makes this monitor a very good deal.
  3. CyberpowerPC Gaming Desktop Gamer Xtreme C790T -
    Intel Core i7 9th Gen 9700K.
    If you don't have a gaming PC (And know that no-one at the Holiday's is getting you one) now might be the best time to pick one up the Cyberpower PC with a 9700K, a RTX 2070 and 16 GB of DDR4 memory which comparatively small price tag compared to the components that are inside the machine. This PC costs $1,299.99 at the time of writing.
  4. Samsung QLED Q60R -
    This TV is an amazing deal at 75" and 4K resolution means that this TV at the price of $1,497.99 which is almost $1500.00 from the $2999.99 original price. This TV has Quantum HDR 4X, which makes the color accuracy of this TV amazing compared to other TVs on the market. This TV is also a smart TV meaning that you can get varying numbers of apps, everything from Youtube to Netflix. This makes the lower price tag so much more worth it as other smart TVs with this resolution and features are priced above the $1,497.99.

Following are some PC hardware and component-specific deals that you might find interesting:

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