Changes to Xbox One Controller Leaked – Expected to Be Announced at E3 2015


Earlier, we covered news about Microsoft at E3 stating that the giant is preparing for the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo, or in short the E3. E3 is the biggest event of the gaming industry and giants like Microsoft and Sony take this opportunity to announce releases and keep the anticipation high. Being an industry-only event, you will have to prove that you're connected to the gaming industry if you want to experience the biggest annual gaming event.

Yesterday, we covered a tweet by the Xbox One Head Phil Spencer who made his way onto twitter and replied to the some questions that the fans had. One of particular importance that we covered yesterday was Phil replying to a fan comment asking how long will Microsoft's E3 conference will be and the reply was:

"We did a rough end to end run of show yesterday, still too long. I like the games we have in the show, not easy to edit it down."

You can read the complete analysis of the post here and yes it does look like Microsoft is coming into this conference with lots of releases. One of them might just be a new 3.5 mm jack added to their Xbox One's controller but what do we know.

Microsoft's Xbox France Page Shows Miniature Figures Tinkering with the Xbox One Controller

Well, Xbox France certainly said a lot yesterday when they posted the picture of miniature engineers working on the Xbox One controller. And earlier today on the Xbox One support page there was an interesting sentence (Now removed) but can be sourced from AttackofTheFanBoy where the statement read:

“3.5-mm port (16). Used to connect compatible 3.5-mm audio devices. Only available on controllers released after June 2015

This certainly says a lot about one of Microsoft's announcements at the E3 conference where they are adding a 3.5mm jack to the Xbox One controller, something that was previously featured in the PS4s DualShock 4 Controller. This will allow gamers to use any type of headphones and audio device with their Xbox One Controller which previously required an external device for a 3.5mm jack to be connected to it.

Although it is a bit farfetched that we will see any major changes to the Xbox One controller until the release to of the Xbox Two as already this one is quite comfortable to use and they'd want to hold of the major part of the changes for an entirely new controller. But it does not stop them from making some minor additions to the controller.

That is all that we have for our readers for now. Do let us know about your thoughts on the changed Xbox One controller in the comments section.