Microsoft Has So Much E3 Content That They Are Struggling To Cut It Down

Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as the E3 to the video game industry is an annual gaming event where many developers come together to showcase their games and make big announcements for the upcoming gaming year. This is perhaps the most important gaming event of each year where all the major game developers showcase what they have and it is a industry-only event meaning that everyone who applies has to have been professionally linked to the gaming industry in one way or the other.

Well, that's enough of an introduction to E3. Let's move onto the companies at hand which include big names of the gaming world like Microsoft and Sony. Both of these have much to showcase, starting from performance improvements, to software additions and upcoming exclusive titles. So basically, E3 has it all and it looks like this time round, Microsoft has too much content to display and are actually struggling with trying to make it shorter.

Microsoft's Xbox Head Says that they did a Rough Trail Run, "Still Too Long"

Microsoft always puts up one hell of a show at E3 and t is justified given the size of the company and how strongly it stands in the gaming and software market. For E3 2015, it looks like the giant has exactly what was needed and is actually struggling to cut down on their show according to the Xbox boss Phil Spencer. He tweeted the following reply to the fan who inquired about the length of the conference:

This is quite a positive reply and it shows that the company is ready to surprise us at E3 since we don't know much yet. Phil Spencer has always been pushing the Xbox team to do better and better in terms of game exclusives to their Xbox One console and it looks like they certainly have the dough this time to challenge the counterpart head-on.

Well, thats all we have on Microsoft's end at E3. Stay tuned as the E3 conference goes live on Monday, June 15 at 9:30 a.m. PT as we will be keeping you up to date here on Wccftech while covering the event live. Until then, do enlighten us with your views on the comparison between the E3 conference of Microsoft and Sony as both of these heavyweights go head to head once again.

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