New Total War: Warhammer Screenshots Show Delightful Massive Fantasy Battles


A few new screenshots from the upcoming Total War: Warhammer have shown up in the wild that give a small glimpse into the sheer size and degree to which you can wage war.

Command thousands of trolls, goblins, spiders and a host of other units as you wage war across the Old World.

The screenshots above are supposedly actual gameplay that showcase the capability of the in-game engine with the new art direction from the Warhammer series. Thousands of on-screen units, including air units, battling for supremacy over Blackfire pass. Just as we'd expect for any Total War franchise game, a scale that's limited only by your own imagination.

Something new is the introduction of a vertical element to worry about as well. Demigryphs and other mythical beasts, including Karl Franz himself mounted on Deathclaw can take flight and move in a 3D plane, giving you far more options when planning your assault. The cavalry is now just that much more mobile. Not only that, but the terrain itself is more three dimensional with higher and lower ground that can have an impact on how your army fares.

The first foray into fantasy with Total War: Warhammer isn't going to be a half-done attempt at realizing bizarre and weird creatures in 3D and placing them in a massive real-time strategy game. No, Creative Assembly is dedicated to bringing all the lore from the Warhammer universe into their newest game in a way that fans of the traditional table-top game will be sure to appreciate. The tangible value of having physical units and moving them across the board won't be there, but the incredibly deep lore and a story that's reminiscent of the series should still serve to excite you.