New Nintendo Switch Firmware 12.0 Possibly Contains References to Rumored New Switch 4K Model


The freshly-released new Nintendo Switch firmware 12.0 possibly contains references to the rumored new Switch 4K model.

Nintendo released a new system update for the Nintendo Switch yesterday – system update 12.0.0. As we mentioned, however, release notes were almost nonexistent. We also suggested that this new firmware could contain under-the-hood changes that Nintendo didn’t share. Well now, as spotted by Switchbrew.org and posted on Twitter by Switch dataminer @OutmealDome, it appears that the new firmware does indeed include some changes that Nintendo has purposely not revealed.

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According to the dataminer, the new 12.0.0 system update now allows the Switch dock to be internally updated with new firmware with the new firmware mentioning “CrdA” (Cradle for Aula), which is said to be a reference to the rumored new Switch model.

Also, the new system update has added a new internal setting to Nintendo’s platform – “4kdp_preferred_over_usb30”, possibly also referring to the 4K capabilities of the rumored new Switch model.

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Interesting stuff for sure, and while this doesn’t confirm that Nintendo is indeed planning to release a new 4K Switch model, these references are in line with recent reports about the new model.

Last month, Bloomberg reported that Nintendo is planning to release a 4K Switch model with a 7” inch Samsung OLED display. In addition to offering 4K capabilities through NVIDIA’s DLSS technique, this new “Pro” is said to sport an improved CPU and memory. The new  4K Switch model is said to be launching by the end of this year $349/399 and will likely receive some exclusive Switch titles that make use of the platform’s new 4K capabilities.

We’ll update as soon as more information about the “new” Nintendo Switch comes in. For now, stay tuned and take the information above with a fair pinch of salt.