New Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Phone: the GT-i9505G

Rafia Shaikh

In the Samsung's Open Source Release Center today, an interesting appearance of a device code named GT-i9505G appeared. For some it means pure gold (can be disappointing too though). If you have lost track here, GT-i9505 is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 version of the Galaxy S4 but what does the addition G stands for? Is it for Google Play edition, a Nexus Galaxy S4 - since we are already expecting Samsung to release Nexus S4 anytime soon as was announced at the I/O event last month without any names which just makes more room for the rumors and guesses - or something different altogther. Looks like Samsung may have just released the kernel of Google Edition phone before it being rolled out!google play edition galaxy s4

Though not necessarily this G make it the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Phone, since Samsung does release phone with a G at end. But as it's being attached to a flagship model, the stakes become pretty high. Same model name has also been apparently spotted receiving Bluetooth 4.0 certification at the Bluetooth SIG under model number GT-I9505G. Here are the links to download the GT-i9505G Kernel sourceWiFi Alliance, and Bluetooth Certification.

The Galaxy S4 Google Edition is available only from the Google Play Store and costs $ 649. For now, the GPe SGS4 will only be available in the United States according to a Google publication.

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