New Pokémon Snap Trailer Shows Off Lush Environments, Instagram-Like Photo Sharing

New Pokémon Snap

For years fans begged for a new Pokémon Snap, and earlier this year Nintendo and The Pokémon Company announced just that. Heck, they even named it New Pokémon Snap! Today we got a fresh trailer for New Pokémon Snap, showing off the game’s wide range of critters, detailed environments, and a new Instagram-like system that allows you to post Poke pictures for other players online and soak up the likes. Check out the trailer for yourself, below.

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Looking pretty solid! Nothing will replace being able to get your pictures made into stickers at a machine at Blockbuster Video, but online photo sharing is a smart modern feature. Here’s a bit more official detail about New Pokémon Snap…

Wild Pokémon thrive on the islands of the Lental region, where environments can differ greatly, making for a variety of habitats where different Pokémon expressions and behaviors can be observed. Players will be able to get their attention by playing a melody or throwing fluffruit. They’ll also be able to use an Illumina orb (an invention of Professor Mirror’s) on Pokémon to witness something out of the ordinary. They can even use their camera to run scans, which can help them find hidden Pokémon or inspect their surroundings. As players keep exploring a course, their research level there will increase, and they may discover Pokémon acting in different ways. You may even encounter Legendary or Mythical Pokémon.

Photos taken while conducting research can also be saved to a personal album, which is separate from the Photodex. When a course is completed, players can use the re-snap function to adjust the brightness, blur, zoom, and other aspects of their recently snapped photos. After photos are saved to the personal album, a photo-editing mode will enable players to customize their photos with stickers, frames, and filters. New Pokémon Snap also has several online features that enable players to share photos and compete with others around the world through ranking systems.

New Pokémon Snap focuses in on Nintendo Switch on April 30.

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