New Nintendo Switch Model To Release In Early 2021 – Rumor


A new Nintendo Switch model could be released in early 2021, according to a new report.

The Edge Markets reported today that the Taipei-based Economic Daily News recently revealed that Nintendo could be releasing a new Switch model in early 2021, citing people in the supply chain as sources.

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Today's gains also followed a report in the Taipei-based Economic Daily News that Nintendo might launch a new version of its Switch console early next year, citing unidentified people in the supply chain. A more powerful version of the console has been rumoured in the past.

Whether this is another revision with minimal changes or a brand new model in the vein of the Nintendo Switch Lite, no one can say at the moment. Nintendo has been pretty silent these past few months regarding its plans for the remainder of 2020 and 2021, so there's the possibility that the company is gearing up to release new hardware.

Rumors regarding a new Nintendo Switch model have been circulating online for a while now. Back in April, a new codename has been discovered in the 10.0.0 firmware, and the naming scheme seems to indicate that the new model will have a completely different form factor, likely a TV-only device that could be even cheaper than the Lite model.

Calcio is interesting. It only popped up in one of the 9.X updates, seemingly indicating it's in active development. It appears to essentially be Copper but on the new Mariko chip found in Hoag and Iowa and, curiously, lacks support for game cards, suggesting a digital-only device. If my speculation that a TV-only device would be positioned as a sort of super-economical option (even cheaper than the lite) is accurate, that would make some sense.

With a couple of Nintendo events rumored to take place in the near future, there's no doubt that news on a new Nintendo Switch model will be coming shortly if it is indeed releasing in early 2021. We will keep you updated on the matter as soon as more come in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.