New Monster Hunter World Mod Improves Performance by Removing Unnecessary CRC Code

Monster Hunter World

Even though CAPCOM won't release any further expansions after Iceborne, Monster Hunter World remains a highly popular game across all platforms, having broken all of the publisher's sales records to date.

On PC there's a particularly thriving community of modders, and a new Monster Hunter World mod aims to substantially improve performance by removing unnecessary CRC (cyclic redundancy check) code.

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Here's the official description shared by creator AsteriskAmpersand:

Improves the game performance by removing swathes of extremely unoptimized code that is ultimately irrelevant to the game functioning. Also enables more advanced plugins to run properly.

The performance gain is most noticeable on CPU constrained systems (given the atrocious "multithreaded" code the game runs on, almost everyone is CPU constrained unless they are using a Threadripper).

This Monster Hunter World mod works by removing the unnecessary CRC Code which repeatedly checks in-game memory region for bit errors. However as these regions are never touched and the game just crashes when an error in the region is detected (making error detection ultimately pointless), this code is entirely unnecessary and just a detriment to performance (given it's done repeatedly and checks for around 250KB regions 32 times per rotation, it's a massive waste of CPU usage). The plugin has been tested to be stable up to 20 consecutive hours of playtime (confirmed to be stable for that long, probably will be for much longer and even indefinitely).

Just like the Ghost in the Shell mod previously covered by Aernout, this performance oriented Monster Hunter World mod also requires Stracker's nativePC loader.

Monster Hunter World's performance has been one of the very few points of criticism since launch on PC. In his launch analysis, Keith pointed out that this wasn't one of the best ports to say the least. Let us know in the comments if this Monster Hunter World mod does manage to improve your experience when playing the game.

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