New Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak PC Mod Allows Players to Make Their Own Custom Quests

New Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak PC

A new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak pc mod has been released, which allows players to make their own custom quests.

Created by ‘Fexty’, this mod includes a quest editor and loader in order to load created quests into the game. The mod was released yesterday, and it seems to suffer from some issues at this point, but we’re sure those interested in playing custom quests will want to try it out.

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Those who only want to play custom quests will only need the included quest loader.

As always, follow the installation instructions for this mod before using it. The mod requires the REFramework, in order to allow modding of the game.

Those interested can download the Quest Editor and Loader for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak on PC via Nexusmods.


Monster Hunter Rise is available globally now for PC and Nintendo Switch. As expected, this mod only works on the PC version. As reported last week, the Sunbreak expansion has already shipped more than 3 million copies globally across both platforms since its launch. The expansion takes place following the heroic defense of Kamura Village in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak takes place following the heroic defense of Kamura Village in Monster Hunter Rise. News of the village’s survival inspires the gallant knight Dame Fiorayne to travel from the distant Kingdom seeking aid. Hunters brave enough to answer the call set out for the port of Elgado Outpost. This research center and Command Post is responsible for stopping the threat befalling the Kingdom. The top of the target list includes powerful creatures inspired by staples of Western horror, known as the Three Lords. This cadre includes the conjoined elemental powerhouse Garangolm, the chilling Fanged Wyvern Lunagaron, and the vampiric Elder Dragon Malzeno. In addition to these nightmarish foes, other new monster variants and returning fan-favorites including Scorned Magnamalo, Espinas, and Shagaru Magala emerge to challenge hunters in the added Master Rank quest difficulty.

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