New Metro Exodus PC Patch Improves Performance for Integrated Graphic Cards Alongside General Input Responsiveness Improvements & More

Metro Exodus PC patch 2

A new Metro Exodus pc patch has been released by 4A Games which offers improved performance for integrated graphic cards and more.

The second PC patch updates the game version on the Epic Store to, while the Steam version has been updated to Alongside improved performance for integrated video cards, the hotfix also offers general input responsiveness improvements alongside general stability improvements and fixes for various saving issues. Last but not least, the update includes numerous fixes for general issues.

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The official release notes for the second Metro Exodus PC patch, as supplied by 4A Games, have been included below:

Metro Exodus PC patch February 26

Build numbers:
•Epic build (verify in-game from Main Menu Options or Pause menu) –
•Epic Store/exe version –
•Steam build (verify in-game from Main Menu Options or Pause menu) –
•Steam Store/exe version – 3586168

Patch Notes:
•General Stability improvements
•Improved performance for integrated video cards
•General input responsiveness improvements
•Fixed various issues with general saving system
•Fixed other general issues

Metro Exodus is available now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The shooter was released earlier this month and 4A Games released the first patch for PC last week.

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