New Apple Patent Details Siri with Advanced Image/Video Recognition in Messages


A new Apple patent has surfaced online in which Siri is portrayed as an intelligent chatbot within Messages with a few wonderful tricks up its sleeve.

Image, Video or Audio Recognition - You Name it. Siri Will Do Stuff for You Right From the Messages App.

It's been rumored for quite a while now that Siri will be making its way into the Messages app as a chatbot. This means users will be able to interact with Apple's virtual assistant without having to say anything at all. Basically, it's perfect for situations where you don't want to be that noisy guy and wish to have queries resolved in complete silence on your end.

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Now though, a new patent has surfaced online, outlining some capabilities of the new and advanced Siri. Firstly, Siri will live inside the Messages app, ready to take your queries at a moment's notice. But according to this patent - images, videos and audio clips can be processed by Siri as well. For example, you upload a business card photo to Siri, and in return she will ask you what action needs to be taken on it. You can then ask to create a new contact out of it and she will. If you upload a photo of a car, Siri can take different actions on it such as telling you which model it is, how much it costs as well as other information if you so desire. It's a wonderful little concept and something which will bode well with users around the globe.


The image and video recognition can be particularly useful if you are traveling. For instance, you come across a photo of a location that is near you, but are not quite sure where it is. Siri, on the other hand, can help out by running through its database and hopefully come up with directions to the location.

It only remains to be seen whether this sort of integration will make its way to iOS 11. After all, there are a lot of things that are due from Apple's end, especially in the Siri department. Therefore it makes sense for Apple to take things up a notch.


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