Apple is Working to Bring Siri to iMessage, Here’s How it’ll Work


Right now, if you want to interact with Siri, you can only do so by pressing and holding the Home button on your iPhone. But all of that is about to change if the latest patent filing from Apple is anything to go by.

Apple is Exploring Presence of Siri in Messages App, Allowing Users to Interact with Personal Assistant Using Texts

Apple is exploring a new approach regarding how people interact with Siri. The company is planning to do this by integrating the virtual assistant directly inside Messages app, according to its latest patent. This will work in a very interesting manner. For instance, if you are having a group iMessage conversation, and someone asks how long it would take for you to reach a particular destination, Siri will jump right into action and suggest an ETA. But that's not just it, Siri can look into calendar details as well if the need arises. Weather and other information can be pulled up too.

While this feature sounds awesome in a lot of ways, and it is, but the obvious privacy concern arises immediately. But don't panic just yet, whenever you request a location or want to give Siri access to your calendar, or other bits of personal information, you will be asked for permission beforehand. This way things will stay safe and secure.

Apart from requesting location and calendar entries, users will be able to perform financial transactions using Siri as well in Messages. Again, a privacy concern for many. But Apple has it all figured out by authorizing such a thing using Touch ID, which is the safest security protocol on an iPhone.

While the patent sounds insanely awesome, there's no telling whether or not it would ever become a reality. We have come across countless patents that offer to do a lot of different things in the past, but it seems as though Apple files these patents just to protect an idea, nothing more, nothing less. But hey, there's a chance this particular patent would eventually become a reality. After all, it's handy in a lot of ways as it cuts down a lot of time when it comes to sharing information. Maybe there's a chance this idea would become a part of iOS 11, or maybe iOS 12 the year after the next one. Only time will tell. But whenever it sees the light of day, you'll hear about it from us instantly.


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