New 4.0 Version of Monster Hunter World Camilla Mod Greatly Improves Hair, Leg and Face Quality

Aernout van de Velde
Monster Hunter World camilla mod

A new version of the Monster Hunter World Camilla mod has been released which greatly improves the quality of Camilla’s hair, leg and face models.

Last month we covered this Fire Emblem mod for Monster Hunter World and its creator, ‘zStatykz’, has now updated the mod to make the princess look even better in Capcom’s latest Monster Hunter installment.

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The Camilla mod offers a complete model replacement for Ciri and this new version offers an increased polygon count on Camilla’s cloth, a smoother nose, adjusted physics and much more. We’ve included the official release notes for this new version down below:

Version 4.0

  • HAIR: Added proper world-space normal info to the model's vertex color. The engine uses this info to properly light hair/fur. The difference is substantial! Check the comparison gif in the gallery!
  • HAIR: New hair rig and physics.
  • HAIR: Completely redid the vertex weights on the hair from scratch. It's a lot smoother and there is minimal overlap.
  • HAIR: Removed texture specularity and boosted fake light shine in the material. This gives it a softer, more "anime" look
  • LEGS: Increased polygon count on the cloth.
  • LEGS: Added more jigglebones to the cloth.
  • LEGS: Adjusted physics and leg collision. Cloth moves more, goes up when falling, and looks a lot smoother. Metal hip things both move in the same manner as well.
  • FACE: Made the corners of the lips, jaw, and nose smoother by transferring the normals of a simpler mesh onto it. Should look a tad better under certain lighting.

The Monster Hunter World Camilla mod can be downloaded here. Be sure to download the 4.0 version. Those interested can also take a look at zStatykz's Monster Hunter World Tharja mod.

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