Monster Hunter World Fire Emblem Tharja Mod Allows Players to Play as the Beautiful Dark Mage; Animated Eyes & Voice Replacement Included


This brand-new Monster Hunter World Fire Emblem mod allows players to play the game as Dark Mage Tharja from Fire Emblem Awakening.

Earlier this month we already covered zStatykz’s Fire Emblem Camilla mod for Capcom’s latest Monster Hunter installment, and the modder has now released another modification featuring the beautiful Tharja.

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Like the Camilla mod, this Tharja modification offers a complete model replacement for Ciri and comes with a custom "magic" slinger and grapple, dye-able armor, animated eyes, voice replacement, and as expected, plenty of ‘bones’.

“Tharja from Fire Emblem Warriors replaces the normal and layered Ciri sets”, zStatykz writes. “She has a totally unique slinger (Special thanks to Crimson for making the particle efx!), dye-able armor, blinking/moving eyes, voice replacement (clips from player preset 18)”

We’ve included some videos and screenshots from the mod in action down below:

The Tharja mod for the PC version of Monster Hunter World can be downloaded here.