Network Next Is Now Rolling Out Its Latency Reducing Technology for Games in Europe

Alessio Palumbo

In a press release sent out today, Network Next confirmed it is now rolling out its latency reducing technology for games in Europe, too, after debuting in North America.

Glenn Fiedler, CEO of Network Next and a 20-year veteran of game development, said in a statement:

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Game developers don’t control the route player’s traffic takes to their game servers, and this is a huge problem for game developers because it causes high latency, lag, and hitching in a player’s online experience. Network Next fixes this by steering game traffic across the best private infrastructure, which has better and more consistent performance than the public internet. With our rollout to Europe, we are taking the first step in helping developers deliver a better gaming experience to their European players.

We interviewed Fiedler a few weeks ago and he provided an overview of what this technology actually does to reduce latency in games.

When you visit a website, a type of company called a “CDN” (content delivery network), accelerates delivery of static content like images and video on that website.

CDNs do this by pushing the static content really close to your ISP’s network, so it’s faster to download. To do all of this, they need to interconnect with those ISPs and in many cases, have their own private internet backbone.

Network Next is a way to take this infrastructure already built for accelerating websites and use it to accelerate game traffic, which is far more dynamic and interactive than normal “static” web content.

Our technology steers game traffic off the public internet and across these private networks that are faster and less congested. This lowers latency and improves consistency when you play a game that integrates our technology.

The first game due to implement this technology should be Rocket League, given that Psyonix is also one of the investors in Network Next.

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